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Welcome to 2018 Eastern South Dakota Science and Engineering Fair (ESDSEF) registration system. This system is designed to facilitate your registration process for this fair; however this is not the fairs official website. To navigate back to ESDSEF main website, click on the ESDSEF website menu located on top of every page. The following are the available registration pages for this fair:It is highly recommended that all participants look over our registration procedure, before any registrations are submitted as well as our registration deadlines. You can see the list of currently registered schools and teachers, with registered project for each. Students can search for their registration online to verify their registration status. Following are the available categories for 2018 ESDSEF:

Categories available to all divisions and grades
  AS - Animal Science
  BE - Behavioral & Social Sciences
  CB - Chemistry & Biochem
  CEM - Computer Sci/Engineering/Math
  EA - Earth/Planetary Science/Weather/Environmental Sci
  ET - Energy & Transportation
  FS - Food Science
  ME - Medicine & Health Sciences
  MI - Microbiology/Cellular & Molecular Biology
  PA - Physics & Astronomy
  PS - Plant Sciences